Horticultural Consultant, Garden Writer and Photographer

Want to know what to plant where ? Wish your garden was more productive? Grow unusual and/or exotic plants? Perhaps even finally find out how to treat that plant pest or disease that’s been hanging around your garden for too long?

Read the article here.

All these questions will be answered when you talk to horticultural consultant, Marianne Cannon of Real World Gardener.

Marianne has written articles published in Hort Journal magazine; a magazine for industry professionals.

Marianne also is a contributor to the “Garden Drum.” www.gardendrum.com an international gardening magazine. Here you’ll find stories and podcasts about garden design, how to grow productive crops, and how to select and care for tools that you use in the garden. One of the most popular posts is about the Curry Tree, (Murraya koenigii), still generating questions from around the world.

See the latest article here.

Secateurs are an essential gardening tool and will get used most times you go out into the garden. Heres how to choose, clean and sharpen your secateurs

Source: How to choose, clean and sharpen your secateurs – GardenDrum

There are many strings to the Real World Gardener’s bow, and photography is another one of them. These photos are of famous English gardens taken on Marianne’s last visit to England not that long ago. ( Flickr photo gallery.)
Famous English Gardens
Several of Marianne’s photoshave appeared on the cover of HMA Magazine.



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