Marianne Cannon is a qualified horticulturalist and educator who came to realise that radio is the perfect medium to reach avid gardeners. So Real World Gardener was born, starting off in September 2009 and being first broadcast on 2rrr 88.5 fm in Sydney.  From October 2011, Real World Gardener was accepted by the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia, (CBAA) to be re-broadcast on the Community Radio Network (CRN). This is made available to over 200 member stations via satellite who can either directly put the program to air from the CRN program or record and re-play at a later date.

Since that time Real World Gardener has been nominated twice for the  Laurel Awards held by the Horticulture Media Association of Australia.  Only being pipped by ABC produced programs.(The HMAA Laurel Awards recognise writers, photographers, educators, researchers, and broadcasters who have demonstrated exceptional creativity in communicating the benefits and joys of gardening to the community.)

The  program has a broad approach to encompass a wide range of topics related to horticulture. A program that is attractive to attract different types of gardeners; a program that educates without preaching; not dictating what should be done but offering lots of alternatives. Entertaining but informative; a gardening show with different segments that are rotated each week/month.

Providing horticultural advice on growing plants, and health of plants are just some of the range of subjects that you’ll hear on Marianne’s radio show.

A few years ago, a fabulous article was published about Marianne’s garden in the Northern District Times. Read about her garden here.


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